Talia Smith, Investigative Journalist

As a Gen-Z multimedia journalist Talia has worked and contributed to a large host of companies ranging from The New York Times, ELLE Magazine, ALLURE, HARPER'S BAZAAR, NowThis News CNN, MSNBC, Cheddar TV, The New York Observer, Teen Vogue, Fader, Complex, Vice, Paper Magazine Dazed.com, and more. 

Through her journalistic skills Talia aims to give a megaphone to the global communities who the media has made voiceless for so long. She does this work by shining a light on overlooked social and political issues.Talia has a deep passion for documenting and investigating issues that affect BIPOC communities and exploring underground subcultures around the world.

She enjoys taking widely covered topics and covering them from a niche and avant-garde angles whether that be in the form of a written article or film. With a focus in broadcast reporting, documentary film and investigative print articles Talia gives a new Gen-Z spin on hard hitting political and societal news. Over the years Talia has produced groundbreaking reports that have caused thoughtful conversation between multiple generations.

Talia is also a freelance writer and open to freelance writing assignments and services.